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For more than thirty years, by sticking to the enterprise spirit of "unity, dedication, faithfulness and aggressiveness", along with active exploration, brave innovation and standardized management, we have gradually formulated a relatively scientific development strategy, constructed a group development framework, cultivated a sustainable profitability, established unique enterprise culture, developed a talent team with high comprehensive capability and dedicated spirit and laid a solid foundation for a new round of development. All of these provide us with a good basis and forceful guarantee for a pleasant and long-term cooperation with you.

Let's join our hands and cooperate sincerely in the future to surpass ourselves and build up our new dream in enterprise development!

Company Profile <

Set up in December 1980 and after more than thirty years of innovation and reform, Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited has now developed into a large-scale industrial & investment enterprise group in Fujian Province with a registered capital of RMB 5 billion Yuan, a total asset of over RMB 150 billion Yuan, and an annual operation revenue of over RMB 147 billion Yuan. With the major businesses covering fields such as supply chain operations, real estate development, tourism & hotels, conference & exhibition and investment, C&D Corporation has made it to the 117th of China Top 500 Enterprises and the 46th of China Top 500 Service Enterprises in 2016, and the first place of Top 100 Enterprise Groups in Fujian Province for many consecutive years.

C&D Footprint >

In 1980, along with the establishment of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, C&D's preceding company — Xiamen Construction and Development Corp was set up.Under the guidance and supports of Xiamen Municipal Government and through more than thirty years of earnest efforts, C&D has developed into a large-scale industry & investment enterprise group in Fujian Province covering the business scope of supply chain operations, real estate development, tourism&hotels and conference&exhibition and so on, discovering a development mode for state-owned enterprises.

In the past 36 years, transforming from an administrative company into an operational enterprise, promoting from a small state-owned company to a large-scale industry & investment enterprise group, every step forward is accompanied by C&D people's efforts and wisdom, every achievement of business reflects C&D people's untiring and inherently innovative spirit.

Social Responsibilities <

As a state-owned company rooted in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, C&D Corporation has been paying back the society while developing economy and making good profits. It is active in participating in undertakings of public interest, such as education donation, poverty relief, armed force and community construction and marathon race. Our Corporation pays back the society with sincerity and honors its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.